Lunacy – evaluation

With the website up and running, which can be accessed here, I want to reflect on the experience of a group project, what worked, what didn’t and why.

I believe that I started the project with the idea that each person had certain things they were good at, and whatever you weren’t good at, you didnt touch on.

This became false very quickly.

Design can only go so far without testing it with html/php, everything had to look good on the web, not just in Photoshop. I felt like I was a little ignorant to the difficulty and monotonous labouring of creating a website, especially with the implementation of a database.

MySQL was probably the most challenging thing for me as the language is very different from normal php, it took a lot of time to get used to the logic of php and to mix in sql made it fairly overwhelming and confusing.

Luckily, the point of a group project is to help one another and I believe the general teamwork (besides for the 2 people that did not show up at all) was very good. We would look over each others codes, images, bios and all had an understanding of the groups strengths and weaknesses. Communication both online and in real life was constant, and we had a working(ish) prototype much earlier than some of the groups.

Having not worked on a project with a focused group before, and generally being a creative and idea-full person, perhaps I somewhat forced my ideas down everyones throats, and we settled on one of the first ideas everyone agreed on. If we were to do this over, I would have made a much greater effort to brainstorm lots of ideas, combining, removing and eventually choosing one that makes slightly more sense. Lunacy itself has the biggest issue of privacy, we have no way of anonymising the stories people tell, and no kind of consent or warning about the possible content of the site containing names, dates and other private information.

Overall the project was a success in terms of working together and building a working site, but I have learned a lot more through what didn’t work and fixing it, rather than everything working perfectly all the time.


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