Net Neutrality

Big business has a way of worming its way into everything in our lives, we pay for the privilege of sky sports or spotify premium, but net neutrality has been something the corporate world has been trying to break for decades.

Without Net Neutrality, big business (phone companies, broadband providers) could carve the Internet into fast and slow lanes. An ISP could slow down its competitors’ content or block political opinions it disagreed with. they could charge extra fees to the 1% companies who basically own the world already, meaning everyone else would be using a slower tier of internet. This would destroy the web we know and love (and hate).

The very idea of the world wide web is that is it world wide, open, free and unbiased. As soon as you put a meter on it, it becomes no different from TV and advertising; pay to win.

One thing that differs in Europe’s battle with net neutrality is that they want to allow “ISPs to install “parental control” filters in the network, forced onto you without consent.”

Only parents can assess the needs of their children, but these filters give no control to parents. They are a “one size-fits-all” solution by ISPs.

“Child rights organisations, such as the UK’s Child Rights Information Network (CRIN), have raised concerns that without a way for parents to make the choice for themselves what kind of online content is appropriate for their children. Youth of all ages will be treated exactly the same way, which could undermine children’s protection, education, and personal development.”

This song from the ‘stop SOPA’ campaign in 2012 perfectly sums up net neutrality.



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