Design Analysis – Constructing the Poster Part 2

The finished version of the poster, compared with most other art projects ever taken up, has stuck to the key parts of one of the original ideas.

EPSON MFP image meteor map a2

Originally, the lines pointing to each meteor were going to be erased before the final version, but very quickly it became difficult to see exactly what year (apprx) each meteor impacted.

The starry background with light purples and oranges gives the illusion of an atmosphere and highlights the meteors, while the deep blues and greens of the earth compliment the background colours. The text naturally bends around the earth as if entering its orbit and the clusters of lines make it easy to see even from a distance the extent of meteor impacts in a certain era. Obviously to appreciate the poster fully it must be viewed in A2 size, which is a major drawback when designing as I can’t get a full size view of the image and must zoom in to check if individual parts of the image were correct, especially the individual meteor text, and not being able to see the text when fully zoomed out.

Perhaps a zoomed in section of the graph highlighting a smaller section with smaller intervals would have been helpful with the more recent meteors, although the lines are effective at locating an individual meteor, it does get clustered when there are meteors one or two years apart, placing them on a timeline with 150 million year intervals isn’t going to be as accurate

Overall I am pleased with the result, it does look professional to a standard and is effective at broadcasting the knowledge otherwise on a table ( creatively and aesthetically.

Full size meteor map


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