Design Analysis – Constructing the Poster Part 1

Designing the poster came with some key decisions, one of those decisions was whether or not to group the meteors by country

quickplan1 quickplan2

Very rough example sketches.

However grouping the meteors only by size meant a gradient could be formed which looks much more aesthetically pleasing than if grouped by country, especially as some countries only have one meteor impact, and others like Canada have many.

Presenting the meteors on the graph got difficult when lots of meteors impacted around the same time, as the text put next to the meteors would be very clustered and confusing.

To solve this issue, lines were introduced to clearly show which meteor belonged to each set of text

meteor map section2

With the bigger meteors there was room to be creative with meteor placements, as they impacted much less frequently. It also gave me the opportunity to add extra facts about the three biggest meteors, and increase the size of the biggest and second biggest meteors for even clearer explanation.

meteor map section

For the font I was also indecisive, I chose Impact as it is thinner and easier on the eyes than a more wide text

meteor map section3 Comparison of the two possible texts, and why Impact is better suited due to its sharp edges and blunt curves, gives the image a more space oriented atmosphere.


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