Design Analysis – Image Trace

During the illustrator workshops an extremely useful tool called image traced was introduced, this has the power to convert bitmaps into vector graphics for infinite scalability.

meteor meteorvec

The difference between the two is very minimal, almost barely noticeable; but the power of infinite scalability far outweighs the slight cartoon feel to the vector.


The Earth itself had a more dramatic effect but nonetheless just as or if not more effective visually.

The numbering system for the graph was a fairly challenging part of the process, as it needs to be visually appealing and not too distracting from the image, but sensible enough to accurately show when the meteor hit earth.graph The graph.

The graph goes up in 150 million year intervals, meaning it only took 19 intervals to comfortably cover the entire spectrum of meteors (the first one was 2650 million years ago)

The graph will be slightly transparent on the background the further draw attention away from the complicated lines.


In hindsight, perhaps 2 graphs could have been used as there are many more meteors recorded less than 150 million years ago than any other time period and this could look cramped on the poster.


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