Design Analysis – Initial ideas

The A2 communications brief is a very broad task with countless ways to reach a successful final product, however I leaned towards the question “How many documented meteor impacts have there been?” quite quickly as I believe it will be the most visually appealing question to build on. With the social media question, often colour palettes are limited due to the association of certain colours with social media apps (blue for Facebook, yellow for Snapchat etc) and other questions like the online shopping one just plain don’t interest me. Having done space related digital art before it seemed like the best and most logical option.

I started with rough initial drawings of a possible pie chart-like graph, with the planet as the chart and ‘slices’ of countries with the number of meteor impacts shown as ‘dents’ in the slice.


Then the meteors would be grouped by age with a visual representation of a beard and or walking stick


While this is a good starting point, I feel as if it is fairly comical and will be difficult to implement on to the smaller meteors in the poster; and the idea of using circles for the meteors may be wrong as the background of the poster will be stars and the circles may get lost in that.

Next step is to move onto Illustrator.


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