Task 4 – Kinetic Typography

Task 4 was extremely enjoyable and very satisfying after hours of work, taking a piece of speech and creatively subtitling it using layer-by-layer words synced up with the audio track.

Actually very proud of my first attempt, maybe slight timing issues but pleased nonetheless.


A massive amount of layers goes in to the piece as every word needs to be animated seperately


Then each layer is selected and positioned on the timeline, the longer the rectangle, the longer the object stays in frame.


The time it takes to animate each word and just to get everything done in general was the biggest difficulty, going back and having to listen and watch over and over (and over) again from the beginning of the RAM preview to see if one word is on screen for a split second longer than it should be as it finished a fraction before the audio and it just doesn’t sit right in your brain until its in sync. Perhaps in hindsight the word placement is quite messy, distracting from the military tone of the speech. Also I feel I could have developed the pictures accompanying the words, link them together or animate them, or perhaps add some movement to the text itself. Finally, how some of the main keyboard shortcuts do not translate over adobe cs6 (ctrl+alt+drag does not constrain the dimensions when resizing an image) leaving me completely in the dark about that kind of stuff, I do not want to keep hopping from photoshop to after effects every time I resize an image.


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