Task 2 – Temporal Expressions PARTS 2 + 3

Part 2- Long exposure is something I turn to a lot, craving colourful, juicy shots and not having to use flash and ruin everything.

Sunsets and cloudy moonlit nights are a great way to produce powerful long exposure images within the theme of ‘Cycle’ due to the cycle of day and night, sunset and moon rise.


Producing beautiful grey and orange, almost volcanic


Or let a little more light in and pastel purples, pinks and oranges, touch that up on Photoshop:


A vibrant, glowing skyscape.


Experiment where sky is reflected and water texture is overlayed on the bottom creating an ‘endless sea’ effect.

I have been unhappy with how low I was at when this taken, I’m certain even a meter or two higher and the result would have been much more powerful, the trees hide the actual sun and while that does break the image up nicely, the glow of the sun would have been the centerpiece to the image and change the dynamic of the image to a much warmer and friendlier one.

The Moon had some very effective and interesting results as well:

DSC_1014 DSC_1016 DSC_1027

Long exposure is a reliable and passionate photography form of mine, short exposure on the other hand I am less interested in, so part 3 – Shot exposure, will be included in this post as well.

Part 3 – Short Exposure

My main example of short exposure photography was a street show on vacation in Florida:

IMG_3749  IMG_3744 IMG_3748


These demonstrate short exposure by preserving moments that in life only happened for a split second, a cycle of movement frozen in time.


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