Task 2 – Temporal Expressions PART 1

When I think about space and time, my thoughts direct toward deep space, and theories of bending that space to travel massive distances or though ‘time’, how travelling to that part of space would take millions of light years without bending ‘time’ and ‘space’.

David Hockney, though maybe not as inconceivable as bending space and time; did this in a type of way.


David Hockney ‘Pearblossom Highway, 11th to 18th April 1986 No.2′

A quote from the blog ‘thedelightsofseeing‘ says:

“All this took him 8 days so he did not only warped space and distance but also showed the passing of time in one image.”

This image amasses space, time, distance and movement, and warps them all into a layout of an image our brains can put together as a single image.

This is what I have attempted to do in a more ‘fluid’ manner, and instead of merging many pictures of one image, I have merged many pictures from many images to create a superimposed¬†image.

Since the image is rather wide, I have broken it into pieces.

joiner1 joiner2 joiner3

When I lessen the opacity of the layers it becomes clear that they are many separate images, of similar, but not the same subjects.

scjoiner1 scjoiner2 scjoiner3

The theme of the joiner was Florida, (on a vacation in 2012) using shots from many different parts of Florida including Miami, The Keys, and St Petersburg, combining time, space, distance and movement into one, wide, fairly believable image.

While I do feel that the image was successful in demonstrating the same idea warping of space and distance as Hockney, the superimposed, idyllic image created doesn’t present that same euphoric feeling as when looking at Hockney. This I believe is due to the multiple angles and viewpoints he gave the piece, giving an image some imposed curvature instantly adds to the ‘realness’ of the work as it mimics the 360 degree field of vision humans have. In my image the sea line is perfectly straight throughout, though in real life the curve of the earth could not be noticed it is still present, perhaps even the notion of a slightly curved sea line would have made the joiner image much more effective.


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